How to Keep your Wife Beautiful

Here are some ways to help your wife become more beautiful:
1. Encourage her always.
    Our words bring life and beauty. Tell your wife she is beautiful and that she is doing a great job as a wife and mother.
2. Give her a reasonable budget for beauty care.
    Not too much, not too little. Not really sure the right budget is, all I know is we both have our monthly allowances and
    Thammie gets a lot of freebies and she really doesn’t need a lot of beauty care. Naks!
3. Be the spiritual, emotional and physical leader of the household.
    Take your role as a man seriously. If your wife gets the burden of leadership at home, it will show on her face. It is not
     her role to lead – it’s yours so man up and lead.
4. Give her some free time.
     Whether it is going out with her girl friends or having her alone time for reading and relaxing after a tiring day with the
     kids – be intentional  and do some daddy duties to give her that much needed rest.
5. Provide financially.
    Be a good provider for the family and learn how to make your money grow. Men are called to provide for the family. In
    cases where your wife earns more, be secure enough but take leadership in making sure your finances as a family
    grows through good stewardship and money management.

Read more:http://www.actlikeaman.org/wife-beautiful/#ixzz3Cmgletqo


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