baby 4 bulan dah boleh makan?

tak silap dalam dua minggu lepas, pengasuh hasya mentioned yang dia dah suapkan hasya makanan.
dia kata dia sengaja suapkan hasya sebab kebetulan dia tengah suapkan ada sorang lagi baby yang umur dia 10 bulan. dia kata hasya selalu tengok 'kawan' dia tu makan. lepas tu telan air liur macam teringin sangat nak makan. so,bila pengasuh tu suap hasya memang makan dan dia nampak seronok nak makan.

tapi aku ni takut. dalam susah hati pun menjawab la aku dengan pengasuh.tu pun lepas 2-3 hari diberitahu sebab aku memikir.aku kata aku tak pernah bagi anak-anak aku makan sebelum 6 bulan.aku mula bagi makan pun tak la tepat umur 6 bulan. aku bagi pun masa dah nak masuk umur 7 bulan. aku takut sebab aku dengar orang kata baby under 6 months tak mampu lagi terima makanaan selain susu sebab usus dia masih lembut dan kecil.

tapi lastweek,aku terjumpa satu artikel ni dari facebook.

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When do you know your baby is ready to start eating solid food? Some say when they’re 4-6 months old, but every baby is different :) If your baby is sitting up alone, or seems hungry after a full feeding, they are ready!

Read more on different feeding phases for babies, and ideas on healthy homemade recipes!:www.nurturebaby.com/index.php/recipes

dan aku pun terus la buka link dan baca.

4-6 Months Baby Food Recipes

Before you begin (4-6 Months):
The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends starting solids between four and six months of age. Although many parents wait until six months or later to begin a solid regimen, it is important to follow the cues of your baby and consult her pediatrician about the best time to start. Each child is unique and therefore has different nutritional needs.
Before beginning a solid food regimen, keep in mind that breast milk or formula should remain the primary nutrition source for the first year. In the beginning, solids are more about exploration than subsistence. Babies are introduced to new tastes and exciting textures all while honing tactile and social skills associated with mealtime.
It’s important to pay close attention to your baby’s cues before beginning a solid regimen, after she is at least four months old.  Research shows that introducing solids any earlier could lead to food allergies, obesity and diabetes.
Your baby might be ready for solids if he/she
· Sits up alone, without assistance
· Consistently seems hungry after a full feeding
· Shows interest in or grabs at your food
· Can refuse food by turning head
· Has outgrown reflex to spit out solid food

NurtureBaby recommends introducing one food at a time, waiting at least 3-4 days before introducing another food. Watch closely for adverse reactions such as excessive gas, diarrhea, vomiting or a rash. If there is a reaction, discontinue food and wait at least 2 more weeks before reintroducing the food.
Many experts recommend giving fortified baby cereal mixed with breast milk, formula or water, as one of the first foods. For this reason, NurtureBaby encourages organic, store bought baby cereal, as opposed to homemade. Homemade baby cereal, as a “first” food, is difficult to digest, and is not fortified with iron. Once accustomed to cereal, babies can begin eating any of the recommended fruits or vegetables designated for 4-6 month olds, in no particular order.


series.aku baru tau yang baby macam hasya dah boleh terima solid food.nampaknya pasni boleh try recipe hommade pulak.semuanya ada di sini.

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